Eclipse Composites Engineering

Eclipse Composites Engineering has been recognized as a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced composite hardware for industrial and defense applications.
Since 2005, ECLIPSE COMPOSITES ENGINEERING, LLC has been providing custom development and production of advanced composite hardware to aerospace, government and commercial institutions. Materials including graphite, Kevlar, glass and other reinforcing fibers are being used in combination with epoxies, polyesters and conductive nano materials in many diverse applications, from ground based systems to aerospace.

Eclipse Composites Engineering has received accolades from its demanding customers, meeting the strictest standards for excellence. Newcomers to the field have trouble matching Eclipse Composite Engineering's demonstrated strength in customer service, product reliability and breadth of experience in composite technology.

Our staff at Eclipse Composites Engineering are experts in composites and related technologies. Their backgrounds and knowledge cover all areas of composite manufacturing from design and analysis through prototype and production.

Composite reflector dish for a portable Manpack satellite communications system used by DOD

Production, Quality Control and Marketing

Whatever your advanced composite need may be, from consulting services to full production of specific hardware, we can help.
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Small Run Production
  • Full Production
  • Consulting and Design Services
  • Manufacturing Process Development

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If you are currently exploring the use of composites, don't make a decision without calling Eclipse Composites Engineering.

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